Whats the Best Cruise in Hawaii?

April 5, 2019 Staff Writer

Whats the Best Cruise in Hawaii?

You’re looking for a cruise to Hawaii. You’ve investigated NCL, Carnival and Royal Caribbean – but do you know why NCL may have one of the best, hidden secrets in the cruise industry for 7-day cruises?

Only NCL sails year round from Honolulu and gives guests seven FULL days in Hawaii. While there is added expense for flying from the US mainland to Hawaii, the benefit is huge when you think about being able to port four island – Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai.

NCL Pride of America

None of the other cruise lines offer this – why? Because their ship registries are not from the US. Non-US ship registries must start or end their cruise elsewhere from Hawaii (e.g. California to Hawaii, Hawaii to Vancouver, etc). Thats at least two days at sea depending upon where you are sailing. While many won’t mind the extra days at sea (can we say CASINO!) – depending upon the time of year, the Pacific ocean can be particular rough.

Lets compare two equally priced itineraries:

Norwegian Cruise Line – 7 Day

D1- Honolulu (Embark)
D2- Maui
D3- Maui
D4- Hilo
D5- Kona
D6- Kauai
D7- Kauai
D8- Honolulu (Disembark)

Carnival Cruise Line – 10 Day

D1- Honolulu (Embark)
D2- Maui
D3- Hilo
D4- Kona
D5- Kauai
D6-10 Days at Sea
D11- Vancouver (Disembark)

So while you still port to most of the same locations, if you’re seeking to really be “in Hawaii” you’ll have more port time with a shorter cruise with NCL.

Yes, there is additional cost for airfare, however, you can add an extra day or two on Oahu to visit awesome locations like Waikiki, Polynesia Cultural Center, the North Shore or Kualoa Ranch.

Author: Staff Writer

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