Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Floats Out

April 13, 2019 Staff Writer

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Floats Out

Not sure how we missed this one – but it occurred in February! The Virgin Voyages “Scarlet Lady” did its float-out from dry dock.

If you’ve ever flown on Virgin Atlantic, you know that it’s a unique experience, and I’m frankly excited to see how this ship comes together. While their prices are certainly not on the low-end of cruising, the ship will certainly offer a unique experience that will justify its increased cost of sailings.

Four day voyages start at around $4,000 for the “Sea Terrace” cabin. The ship will be for “adults” 18+ and includes unlimited Wi-Fi, tips, “basic bevvies” (I’m assuming thats water and soda), no additional charges for dining and lastly, group workouts for the fitness buffs among us!

It’s got a pretty long way to go still – including the entire fit-out of cabins, finish work and then sea trials – but its coming with its first sailings in April 2020!

You can explore the Virgin Voyages website and even book for its initial sailings in April 2020!

Author: Staff Writer

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