Trump Admin Imposes New Travel Restrictions to Cuba; Including Cruises

June 4, 2019 Staff Writer

Trump Admin Imposes New Travel Restrictions to Cuba; Including Cruises

CNN is reporting that the US announced substantial new restrictions on traveling to Cuba. This restriction includes US cruise ships and organized tour groups from stopping in Cuba.

The State Department announced that previous “people-to-people educational” travel will be prohibited, along with “passenger and recreational” vessels, such as yachts, private and corporate aircraft, and cruise ships.

Commercial flights from the US to Cuba, for now, will remain permitted as they support “family travel and other lawful forms of travel, ” according to the State Department spokesperson.

The Trump administration is focused on steering American dollars away from the Cuban regime.

While the announcement was made today, in April, NSA Security Advisor, John Bolton, announced plans to restrict Cuban travel from the US.

It is not currently known what various cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line will be doing with existing itineraries set to arrive in Cuba. TheOceanTraveler has reached out to each cruise line to receive an update.

Under President Obama, the US removed several restrictions with Cuba, paving a pathway towards commercial air travel, cruises and educational tours.

Cuban government statistics show that Canadian and US citizens are the largest foreign travelers to the island nation.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available from cruise lines regarding any itinerary changes.

Author: Staff Writer

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