TIPS: Packing Exactly what you need on your Cruise

April 22, 2019 Staff Author

TIPS: Packing Exactly what you need on your Cruise

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The time has come to pack for your cruise! You don’t want to pack too much and you don’t want to leave anything important behind. I always start with making a quick list of the number of days on the ship and what we are doing on each day. I am not that fancy so I usually do this on a piece of scrap paper!

This is how I make my packing list

This is what I do to ensure I have exactly what I need. Simple and low tech!

Other Packing Tips

We travel several times a year and I do not like to lug extra of anything! People are surprised at how little we pack as a family – i am not one of those pack it into a carry on bag type person. However, for a family of four on a tropical vacation I can pack all of our clothing, shoes, and toiletries into 2 medium sized suitcases. Then we each have a bag or back pack with our personal things we just can’t live without.

SHOES on a Cruise! Make sure you bring shoes you can walk around the ship in (there is a lot of walking) weather your are choosing shoes for a casual night, pool time, or formal night make sure they are comfy!

Clothing on a Tropical Cruise! Most people on the cruise are wearing fun tropical clothes, fun matching t-shirts, and their favorite summer attire during the day. At night people wear a range of clothes from super casual to gowns and tuxes on formal nights. If you are going to take advantage of the picture taking opportunities keep that in mind when choosing your evening outfits. Don’t forget it can get very breezy at night so it is nice to have a sweater or light jacket. LASTLY, I always pack a small bag for each of us into our suitcases that has our under ware and socks! Always bring extra under ware – that is probably the only extra thing I will tell you to bring!

Toiletries on a Cruise! I personally am not into that whole bring a shoe rack to hang over the door thing… When we travel I have clear toiletry bags. One for myself, husband, daughter, (my son doesn’t need his own quite yet) and toothbrushes/tooth paste. I have always had a place to put each bag with no problems (We have stayed in a range of rooms from suites to ocean views and smaller).

Carry on bag on a Cruise! I try to take just what we need onto the ship before our bags get delivered to the room. Sometimes we wear our bathing suits onto the ship and other times we bring them in our bag. I also make sure to have lotion, sunglasses and hats. If we cruise without the kids I always bring a book. The most important thing to bring is your medications because you really don’t know when they will deliver your bags to your room. ****We ALWAYS TIP THE BAG HANDELERS when we arrive at the cruise port**** This is in hopes of good karma and early bag delivery to our room!!!

Dealing with dirty Clothes on a Cruise! I like to unpack all my clothes whether it is hanging them up putting them in drawers or shelves. All ships do a decent job of creating storage especially now, most ships have been renovated and have improved storage. When the clothes are dirty I fold them and put them into the suit case. That decreases our packing time at the end of the trip and we are less likely to for get something. I pack anything I am done with using for the rest of the cruise as well.

Miscellaneous needs on a Cruise! When on the cruise ship you will need your ships card whether you are getting drinks, going into your room, purchasing items at a store, going to the casino, picking your kids up from the kids club. So you will want something to cary your card. The goto is a lanyard, but, maybe you prefer a small purse or are wearing clothing with pockets and get a small card holder. You may also want to carry your phone so keep that in mind as well. I see a lot of people using water proof phone cases around their neck as well.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to packing keeping it simple is best. That way you have plenty of storage in your stateroom. With this method of packing I have never forgot anything that the family has needed!

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