San Juan Cruise Port Sees New Investment from Bacardi

April 17, 2019 Staff Writer

San Juan Cruise Port Sees New Investment from Bacardi

For those adult passengers who enjoy an adult beverage from time to time on a cruise (insert chuckle now), get ready when you arrive to San Juan Cruise Port!

Bacardi will be creating a new dedicated “Bacardi Rum Experience” at the Pier 4 store location, a duty free area.

Passengers moving through San Juan will have the ability to enjoy sampling of Bacardi rum cocktails, learn about the heritage of the company, and have a variety of retail opportunities.

A dedicated bar will provide demonstrations showing how easy it is to create fantastic cocktails, featuring Bacardi brand rums.

Available to purchase is Bacardi premium rums which are aged in the local town of Catano at the rum distillery about 10 minutes away.

The overall goal of the new location will be to promote and support businesses and restaurants which feature Bacardi rum. The new store location is currently open and available for nearly 1.8 million passengers who pass through San Juan Cruise Port annually.

Author: Staff Writer

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