Royal Caribbean Announces Perfect Day at Lelepa

October 15, 2019 Staff Writer

Royal Caribbean Announces Perfect Day at Lelepa

In Royal Caribbean’s expanding effort to create more “Perfect Day” experiences across the globe, and after a successful rollout of Perfect Day at CocoCay, they announced today about a new private island experience in Vanuatu, in the south Pacific.

Perfect Day at Lelepa will be the only island of its kind in the southern hemisphere, located near Australia.

The crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea with will allow for snorkeling and swimming with colorful fish in the reefs, paddle boarding and other exciting, yet to be announced attractions.

Vanuatu is a small grouping of about 80 islands with a population of about 272,000. The island nations unique culture dates back nearly 3,000 years and has deep cultural roots including cuisine, music and ceremonies.

As more information is announced about Perfect Day at Lelepa, we’ll certainly keep you informed!

Author: Staff Writer

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