Record Number of Cruises Booked Despite COVID-19

April 11, 2020 Staff Writer

Record Number of Cruises Booked Despite COVID-19

More people are booking cruises right now than last year. Yes- you read that right – a staggering 9% more cruises are being booked right now for 2021 than this same time last year – all despite the worldwide pandemic currently plaguing American society. The amazing statistic was reported by USB, a Swiss bank and in an article in the Los Angeles Times.

Photo Credit: Princess Cruise Line

USB, the Swiss bank said in their report, issued on March 31st, that while many people are using their future cruise credits (FCC) due to cancelled cruises, many people were booking new cruises, showing a “surprising resilience in desire to book a cruise.”

This occurs as the cruise and travel industry are completely upended with multiple cruise ships having cases onboard with coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Still, a handful of ships worldwide are still seeking ports that will allow them to make call as they continue to be turned away.

“I have continued my ongoing follow-ups with existing and a handful of new leads. Last week, even with the craziness going on, I booked a cruise for a client who will be sailing in November!” said Christine Korkin, franchise owner of Cruise Planners. Korkin continued, “I’m seeing an increase of people who previously booked their own cruises contacting me for help to book their next cruise using their cruise credit.”

The cruise market has seen a 40% increase in bookings between 2019 and 2021, and much of that increase has occurred from the last 45-days.

“We are optimistic that once this crisis is behind us, travel will rebound quickly, which bodes well for 2021,” said AAA senior vice president, Paula Twidale.

According to a poll from CruiseCritic, more than 75% of former passengers said they would continue to sail once the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us.

Author: Staff Writer

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