Princess Cruise Line Increases Daily Gratuity Fee

April 26, 2019 Staff Writer

Princess Cruise Line Increases Daily Gratuity Fee

Princess Cruise Line today announced that for all passengers, effective May 2019, a planned increase of 7.4% will take place.

This increase is approximately $1.00 per passenger per day.

For an example, if you book a balcony cabin on a 7-day cruise, you will pay approximately $203 in gratuities. This is excluding gratuities for drinks, spa treatments, specialty restaurants and other services.

For a ship with 3000 passengers, Princess Cruise Line will see an additional $1 million in additional revenue per year.

In my personal opinion, spending an additional $1.00 per day per person for gratuities on a 7-day vacation is still quite reasonable, especially for the service level on Princess Cruise Line!

What we’re wondering however is how the increase will be divided across the various service levels on the ship?

Author: Staff Writer

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