On February 23rd, while on the Mariner of the Seas, Christine and I found ourselves at CocoCay — and might I add — it WAS most certainly a PERFECT DAY!

While it’s still under heavy development and construction, the new CocoCay is well underway with an anticipated opening date of May 2019.

We hadn’t been to CocoCay since early Fall 2018 — and there had been considerable progress on the revamp of the private island.

A Tender Free Experience – The New Pier at CocoCay

New Pier at CocoCay taken from Mariner of the Seas while departing.

The new pier is nearing completion. It is massive. It will certainly accommodate the Oasis and Quantum class ships. As the ships keep getting larger and larger, the tenders are taking away from the overall experience for the passengers. A major plus will be for anchoring directly to the pier versus having to tender to the island.

New Locations for Food & Beverages

Seen above in the background is a large white structure; this will be where several waterslides will be. In the foreground is a new pavilion; likely for food, beverage and souvenirs. While we were on the island, they had began installing the thatching on the roof.

Above is where food will be prepared and served for the normal buffet lunch that is offered on the island. There are two new large seating areas with picnic benches. These were mostly complete. On the right of the photo, behind the excavator are large white poles — these will have “sun sails” offering well needed shade.

The New Water Park

The nearly complete water park is shown above. Several slides from family slides to “you gotta be crazy to go on this” will be available for a reasonable fee. We’ve heard from our contacts the fee will be around $39 per person.

Author: Staff Writer

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