Perfect Day at CocoCay Could Host Triple Calls

May 2, 2019 Staff Writer

Perfect Day at CocoCay Could Host Triple Calls

Royal Caribbean’s new “Perfect Day at CocoCay” soon to be opening at the end of May, could see massive passenger numbers.

Already targeting nearly 2 million visitors through the year, it now appears that Royal Caribbean may be considering triple ship calls when available.

Landing three ships to the island could mean upwards of 10,000 or more passengers on the island. Already, with the Oasis class ships, 4000 to 6000 people are easily handled on the island.

The newly revamped island has been designed to handle upwards of 12,000 guests through development of about one-third of the available land.

With the new massive waterpark and other amenities soon to be opened, along with the new strategy of short-cruises and new-to-cruise passengers from South Florida to the island, it will become a popular long-weekend locale.

Allowing for a triple call to the island likely will make use of the newly installed pier for two ships and one additional ship to be moored off the island with tenders shuttling guests between island and ship.

Author: Staff Writer

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