Genting Cruises Debuts “World Dream” in Hong Kong

May 28, 2019 Staff Writer

Genting Cruises Debuts “World Dream” in Hong Kong

Dream Cruises and Genting Cruises debuted the “World Dream” in Hong Kong recently, highlighting its plans on expanding their brand both locally in the Asia market and globally.

The “World Dream” is Dream Cruises new 204,000 ton ship with a capacity of up to 9000 passengers and is set to start sailing in 2021.

As part of the event highlighting the new ship, the cruse line announced that they would be sailing not just in Asia, but to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean as well.

The start of the art ship will feature a first ever “theme park at sea” and include the worlds longest on-ship roller coaster, a massive movie theater, voice and facial recognition throughout the ship and self-guided mobile assistants.

With more than 150 luxury suite cabins, the “World Dream” also includes a “ship within a ship” type design called “The Palace” for exclusive access.

Cabins will be larger than normal, at nearly 600 square feet and many will include two bathrooms, perfect for larger families. Cabins will also include special LED colored lighting and bluetooth docks for mobile devices to interface with in-cabin features like temperature control, lighting control, audio and more.

Author: Staff Writer

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