Escape Rooms Coming to Enchanted Princess & Sky Princess

August 1, 2019 Staff Writer

Escape Rooms Coming to Enchanted Princess & Sky Princess

Guests aboard the Enchanted Princess and Sky Princess will soon get to experience a brand new escape room attraction called “Phantom Bridge.”

The new escape room will allow guests to feel like they are traveling through space and time in a blend between the physical and digital world.

The cruise line says that there are over 700 variations of the immersive and interactive gameplay.

Guests will work together on the Phantom Bridge as they try to solve puzzles and other interactive elements as they travel to endangered time periods. As the guests move through the game, the entire experience transforms around them to fully immerse all into the story. Projection mapping, touch screens and hidden physical elements will help guests move through the game.

A large navigation wheel will allow guests to captain the phantom vessel and allow for interactive gameplay. As the ship sails, guests will need to look out for clues and hints to guide them through the game.

The gaming and control system being used is called Mediascape Room which runs the both escape rooms on the ships.

The Phantom Bridge will be available for all ages and abilities, and the cruise line is encouraging all age groups to play together! Most players will never experience the same game twice due to the variations of games, puzzles and outcomes.

The Phantom Bridge experience will last about a half-hour and can accommodate up to 6-people.

Author: Staff Writer

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