The Carnivals Splendor was to depart Long Beach, CA on Saturday, but due to a technical issue with the ships engine, she remains in port as of Sunday afternoon.

The captain of the Splendor notified passengers shortly after she was due to depart that due to the technical issue, a staff member was to arrive at the port by 5am Sunday to assist in the needed repairs.

After arrival of the needed staff member, Splendor repositioned in port, anchoring while repairs continue to be done. This was done due to the pier needing to be used by another ship for embarkation.

The captain remained in good contact during this time, even sending a letter to passengers to explain the issue, itinerary changes and credit which was offered.

The letter stated that for this cruise, it would continue to two ports- Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. The third port, Mazatlan had to be cancelled due to the departure delay.

Passengers received a $50 per-person credit to their on-board account due to the missed port.

It was unclear if passengers would receive the port fee and taxes returned as well.

According to the captain, normal on-board activities are available to those on boards so all is not lost due to the delay, though many we’re sure we’re disappointed about the missed port.

Reports from Twitter on Sunday late afternoon indicated that the Splendor was on her way out to sea.

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Author: Staff Writer

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