Carnival Mardi Gras to Have Roller Coaster

March 6, 2019 Staff Writer

Carnival Mardi Gras to Have Roller Coaster

The new Carinval Mardi Gras will be the first of a new series of giant ships that will begin arriving in 2020.

Just like every other brand new ship arriving these days, Carnival has upped the ante by including “BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster” — a 800 foot long roller coaster featuring twists, turns and drops — with riders reaching 40-miles per hour!

BOLT will be an all electric coaster with ride vehicles that look like motorcycles.

With an initial forward launch that will have high acceleration, a quick hairpin turn around the ships funnel will return the riders back to where the started.

Riders will be able to control their speed, allowing to slow the speed of the BOLT vehicles and giving a panoramic view from the top of the ship.

Carnival has said the Mardi Gras will be based in Port Canaveral, Florida. Construction of a sister ship will begin after launch in 2020.

Author: Staff Writer

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