Breaking: Carnival Corp Settles for $20M Probation Violation

June 3, 2019 Staff Writer

Breaking: Carnival Corp Settles for $20M Probation Violation

Miami based Carnival Corp, today was in front of a federal judge overseeing a hearing regarding an alleged probation violation concerning its illegal dumping of plastic into waters around the Bahamas and falsifying records.

Federal prosecutors and Carnival Corp. reached a deal where the cruise line would pay a $20 million fine and see far stricter and more aggressive supervisor during the remaining duration of its probation; though the federal judge did not sign off on the agreement as of this writing.

Had Carnival Corp not come to an agreement, they risked the likelihood that all Carnival brands would have been declined access to US based ports.

Carnival Corp found itself in this situation after being found guilty of illegally dumping waste into the ocean by its Princess branded ships. The conviction found Carnival responsible having to pay $40 million in fines, plus 5-years on probation, starting in April of 2017.

The Miami Herald however reported that Carnival had actually been found of illegally dumping 24 times food waste, oil and sewage, though there were 800 incidents in cruise line documentation.

Author: Staff Writer

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