Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Evacuates 1,100 Bahamians

September 7, 2019 Staff Writer

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Evacuates 1,100 Bahamians

Palm Beach Florida based Paradise Cruise Line has been using one of their ships, the Grand Celebration to aide in the evacuation of 1,100 residents of the Bahamas.

The ship and its crew has helped the residents move from the Bahamas to the mainland of Florida and also aided in the customs process vetting their passport and visa documentation.

The Grand Celebration departed from the Port of Palm Beach on Thursday with 300 first responders and volunteers. Additionally nearly 200 Bahamian residents who had been left in South Florida during Hurricane Dorian were also on board the ship.

West Palm Beach Fire Rescue, medical professionals and several humanitarian groups were part of the contingent of aide workers.

Before departing, the ship was loaded with over 250,000 pounds of supplies including water, food, medical equipments, generators and more.

Donations; Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is accepting donations from local south Florida residents at their warehouse located at 301 Broadway, Bay 7, Riviera Beach, FL.

Author: Staff Writer

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